Hip Replacement surgery center of MJRC clinic is located in Besant nagar, Chennai, India. We provide latest advances in Hip replacement surgery.

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I started to walk on the 27th May 2012 and has since then improved on it, even though I still experience heaviness in the limb. I would say 60% of all the pain you use to know is gone.
I had a Birmingham Hip resurfacing operation by Dr.Venkatachalam that went well. It was a good deal as I saved money.
Grandon Benson

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Total hip replacement offers permanent pain relief after non surgical methods have failed. The ideal age for a hip replacement is sixty five years. However in India, patients needing a hip replacement are young. The common conditions for which hip replacement is required in India are

Avascular necrosis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Ankylosing spondylitis

Hip fractures

Protrusio acetabuli

Broken hip socket

Primary osteoarthritis

Post traumatic arthritis


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Why me?
Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam FRCS, M.Ch Orth, MS Orth, DNB Orth

Total hip replacement is an operation with a high success rate in my hands. I have performed hip replacement and resurfacing in several difficult cases like dysplasia, neglected fractures, protrusio, re revisions and failed cases operated elsewhere. This was possible due to my advanced training in Hip replacement. I constantly update my knowledge and skills. I provide wallet friendly packages.

I am experienced in primary and revision hip replacements.

I offer individual care and attention to details.

I offer a choice of implants and materials.

I provide patients with insight about implants and materials used by me.

I use a minimally invasive approach.

My anesthetist will ensure that the operation and post operative period are pain free.

My physical therapist is committed to help you to get maximum movement after surgery.

My cost is affordable as I am an independent surgeon.

I perform primary and revision hip replacement. I introduced the short stem Proxima hip replacement to this region in 2006. See this Press release for new proxima hip launched in Chennai.

I also provide stem cell treatment for early cases of avascular necrosis.
You will save money on your treatment.

Are you ready to take the first step towards pain free life & full mobility? Contact us.
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Hip Replacement Procedures
The procedure provides a surgeon the ability to relieve pain and restore function

Short Stem Hip Replacement

Short stem hip replacement prosthesis is a versatile hip as a variety of bearings can be used.Ceramic, metal, polyethylene can all be used.

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Ceramic Hip Replacement

Cementless or Uncemented hip replacement- Cementless hip replacements refer to the fixation of the prosthesis in bone without the interposition.

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Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement in India is the Golden standard in the elderly. It may also be needed in younger patients. They can also be used in patients with fracture neck of femur.

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Total hip replacement India Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Complex Re revision hip replacement Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam

Revision hip replacement in India | Uganda patient testimonial

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Ngozi, Nigeria

Ngozi O is a 39 year old finance professional from Nigeria. All through her life, she has endured a short leg and painful hip. This resulted as a sequel to infection in her hip joint as an infant.


Nizam, India

Nizam is a twenty five year male from Tiruchi, India. He was suffering from a hip socket problem for about ten years.He had earlier sustained a fracture of the socket which was treated by traction.


Cost of a hip replacement depends on the implant, room and individual case. In an individual case the cost is ideally arrived at after clinical examination. Online costs are only approximate. Please refer to our financial policy.

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How long does the surgery take?

The operating time is about 2 – 3 hours. To this is added in anesthetic induction, positioning, prepping, draping and recovery times.

Will I have lot of pain after the surgery?

With the systematic and comprehensive pain management protocol practiced by my anesthetist, you will not suffer much pain. This should allow a very quick recovery.

Where will I have the surgery?

You will have the surgery at a multi speciality hospital in Chennai.

Will I be able to sleep on both sides?

You can sleep on both sides depending on your comfort level. Initially the operated side is sore for a few weeks.

Post operative antibiotics.

When ever you need to have a dental, urological or gastrointestinal surgical procedure, you need to get antibiotic coverage to protect the prosthesis from infection.

Patient’s Section

Smart Tools In Hip Replacement

I use conventional methods of hip replacement routinely.
Presently we have access to computer navigation. I-Assist, a smart tool will be available for hip replacements in India soon. It will enable the surgeon to position the cup accurately.

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Revision of Failed Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing has a high failure rate of 8- 10 %. Most failures occur within five to ten years. It commonly fails in dysplastic hips, Avascular necrosis and short women.

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